IOS Mobile SSO: Using the UPN attribute with the built-in UEM Certificate Authority.

You may have run into a situation where the usernames in UEM might not match the usernames in Workspace ONE Access or they might match multiple users in Workspace ONE Access. When configuring IOS Mobile SSO and using the built-in certificate authority, a SCEP certificate is provisioned to the device which will be used byContinue reading “IOS Mobile SSO: Using the UPN attribute with the built-in UEM Certificate Authority.”

Understanding the SAML between Workspace ONE Access and Horizon

When you integrate Workspace ONE Access with Horizon you can take advantage of the Unified Digital Workspace as well as the conditional access capabilities including 3rd Party IDP Integration, Risk, and Mult-Factor Authentication.  In this blog, I’m going to walk through the SAML flow because it might be a little different than what you’ve typicallyContinue reading “Understanding the SAML between Workspace ONE Access and Horizon”


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