Sending Multiple Attributes from WS1 to ADFS

If you have followed the documentation for ADFS Integration with WS1, you configured the WS1 to send “${user.domain}\${user.userName}” as the NameID. However, you will probably need to send additional attributes in case other applications are looking for things like UPN. The following is how you would configure this:

  1. Under Attribute Mapping, enter the Name of the Attribute using Microsoft Schema syntax. The following is a list of common attributes:
  2. Enter the Attribute Name and the matching value:

ADFS Configuration

  1. Under Claims Provider Trusts, edit the claims for the Workspace ONE Claims Provider Trust
  2. Add a Rule
  3. Select the attribute and pass all values.
  4. Save
  5. In the Relying Party Trust
  6. Edit the claims
  7. Create a New Transform Rule to Set the NAME to the UPN

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